Congregation Meeting Report - June 2017

On Sunday, June 11, 111 members of our congregation voted on whether to begin construction of our new Living Hope sanctuary. The three hour meeting was filled with information, questions, analysis and feedback. The conversation was passionate and respectful and all opinions and concerns were given an opportunity to be heard. At the meeting’s conclusion, the assembled members voted to approve moving forward with groundbreaking in the summer of 2017. Both those who voted yes (67) and those who voted no (44) spoke of the additional financial pressure and that we need to address this by acting quickly. Specific timing for the groundbreaking will be determined in the next few weeks.  

The "yes" vote creates the following expectations: 

  • Construction to begin upon the schedule directed by our contractor and architects at the earliest point possible in 2017  
  • A second capital campaign, likely to be run in parallel with the final year of Build More Do More Serve More, will begin as soon as it can be logistically and faithfully implemented  
  • Church leadership will engage with our lender, Thrivent, to arrange for short-term debt that will cover the project funding gap until funds from the second capital campaign are received  

Our new sanctuary will certainly bless the congregation with a wonderful worship environment. In addition, it will act as a visible witness to members of the community that we are a thriving, growing, and a dynamic congregation, serving our Lord in our mission to "Know Christ and Make Him Known." We, the members of Bloomington Living Hope, now have the great responsibility of enabling this expansion, as well as our existing ministries, through our time, talents, and treasure.   

As we work to meet this challenge, let’s also think about what can happen! We will use the first of the monies raised to mend our current operating shortfall. There will be opportunities to take the Living Hope expansion beyond what is today included in the project. For example: expansion of our parking lot and taking the audio/visual from better (than we have today) to best-in-class. Prayerfully, we will also have the ability to pay down some of the $2.6 million existing long-term debt.  

Please prepare your heart and discuss with your family, friends, and fellow members how you can support this project. In the coming weeks and months, you will hear of opportunities to contribute and be involved. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to meet the challenges we now have ahead.  

It is truly a wonderful and exciting time for our church. Together, we will watch it grow and we all with it!

Building Committee Update - April 2017

Excitement is growing as we are getting close to presenting the final design and budget for the new dedicated sanctuary and other needed space. In the near future we will be having a congregational meeting to approve building of the sanctuary. Before that we will have information out to you our members so you can pray on this important decision to expand and continue to grow the Kingdom of God at our Shakopee campus.  

We have been working hard with the builder and architect to reduce the budget without losing space or needed elements. The building committee and others have been very busy working out details and attending meetings with all of the involved parties. Meetings have gone on with the City of Shakopee, Fire Marshal, City Utilities and the Watershed. On April 6th we received our conditional use permit from the city which allows us to build. 

Recently we found out that city sewer and maybe city water are coming to our property. While this is exciting news, it will also mean extra cost to our congregation. It is not clear exactly what the final cost may be, but we have been told sewer hookup will be over $150,000, and water, if it does come, will be an additional $180,000+. While this is not a direct cost of this building project, we will have to plan for at least the sewer in this project. The city of Shakopee has told us that we will be required to connect to city sewer within 3 years of the service being offered. If we stay with our current system, we are now being told that we would need to expand our current drain field and provide a secondary/backup drain field as well. It will be cheaper in the long run to connect to city sewer and to do it when we have the contractors already on-site. 

As the bids have come in for items such as the sound system, video equipment and the loop for the hearing impaired, we are finding that without additional funds outside of our current budget, some of these items will have to be delayed until a later date. While we are still working on the budget for the project, it is unlikely we will be able to do everything without additional funds. We want to serve the needs of our congregation and pray that we will be able to raise the additional money needed to complete everything. I encourage anyone that has a construction business or may know of someone in the trades that might be able to help us reduce the cost to please let us know.

Bloomington Living Hope Lutheran  
Building Committee Chair  
Kevin Laleman or 952-956-2155

Building Committee Update - March 2017

Plans for our new building are coming along. Soon, Station 19 Architects will finish construction documents and Langer Construction will receive bids. Getting to this point, there have been many meetings between Station 19, Langer, BLH called and lay workers, building committee members, numerous BLH member volunteers, the City of Shakopee and the Watershed District. Thank you to all who have given of their time and knowledge to advance this project.  

After construction documents and bids are complete, we will gather the congregation together to share final building plans and cost figures. When the congregation meets, likely a few weeks after Easter, we will vote on when to begin construction of our dedicated sanctuary, youth/multi-use and conference room space. Very importantly, we will also discuss and vote on our funding strategy. During the January 5, 2017 meeting, when the congregation voted to proceed with the design document phase, it was noted that our Build More, Do More, Serve More capital campaign commitments were $1,200,000 short of the estimated construction cost. If our BMDMSM commitments are now between $1.0 and $1.2 million short of what is needed, we should plan to seek at least $1.5 million just to ensure that we are adequately funded for completing of this building project. The recommendation that will be brought to the congregation will most likely seek additional funds, in the neighborhood of $2.0M, which will allow us to correct for our current and past years’ operating deficits and, if the Lord sees fit, to pay down a portion of our long-term debt – something we have wanted to do for many years. 

Please keep this building project as well as the ongoing ministries of BLH at the top of your minds and in your prayers. If you have questions, please contact Kevin Laleman, Building Committee Chair at or 952-956-2155.

Building Committee Update - February 2017

I wanted to give everyone an update on the building project progress. Since the congregational meeting things are in full swing. There have been multiple meetings of the building committee, staff, Station 19 (our Architect), Langer Construction (our general contractor) and others. We all feel very blessed that you have entrusted us with this great task. The plan is really coming together beautifully. The people we are working with understand what our vision is, and since they work with churches often, they understand that we want to build this to the glory of God and the building must be centered on him and building his community.

We have finalized the design concept for our new Church and are getting into the details of the look and feel of our new space. Over the next few months, we will be having several meetings. Details, such as meeting our audio and visual needs, will need to be worked out. We need to have an AV consultant help us setup the infrastructure and generate plans for our hearing impaired loop, acoustics, lighting system, sound and video design for the sanctuary and commons areas. Planning the interior and exterior materials will take multiple meetings. Meetings with the planning commission, city, county, watershed district, and others are underway. Construction documents will be drawn and bids for the work to be done will be completed by late springOnce we have congregational approval, construction can begin in early summer of 2017

We want to thank Mark Perry for all of the work he has been doing on our behalf regarding the conservation easement on the property and relocating a portion of that. Without help like this from our members, this project would be much more expensive and harder to accomplish. I encourage anyone that has a construction business or may know of someone in the trades that might be able to help us reduce the cost to please let us know.

We are still about $1,000,000.00 short of our total needs to complete this project. The plan is to continue to raise additional funds. Whatever money is not raised prior to starting construction will be secured through a short term construction loan until enough money can be raised. Your time, talents and treasures are needed. I want to thank everyone that has called or emailed me with questions on how they can help with the construction of our new building. I have been asked to put a list together to help people understand what items we need to raise money for. The items listed below are included in the budget; however, if we can raise the money for these things ahead of time, it will greatly reduce the money we may have to borrow. While this list is not totally inclusive and is not listed in order of importance, it is a list to help us start thinking and dreaming about this beautiful new facility. Please see our website for additional items and information. Costs are just an estimate until bids are received.

A beautiful new steeple for the church entrance
$ 60,000

Adornments for the new altar
$ 20,000

A row of 10 chairs (450+ Chairs needed for the sanctuary)
$   2,000

Audio/video equipment, monitors and hearing impaired loop

Furniture for the commons area, youth/multi-use room, etc.
$ 15,000

Landscaping around the new building
$ 10,000

Worshiping in our dedicated church space starting in February 2018
with your family, fellow members and guests


For bid information or gifts in kind, please contact Building Committee Chair Kevin Laleman at or 952-956-2155.

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