A Study on Genesis

There is a well-known song with lines that go, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very fine place to start!”

In the book of Genesis, God’s goodness is seen right from the start. Genesis is a Greek word that means ‘origin.’ This important book of the Bible is much more than ancient history, it traces God’s magnificent plan for the world and his saving activity.

In this series, as we review the first three chapters of Genesis, God’s love for the world and family shines brightest of all. From the very first words of the Bible, the triune God reveals himself as a God of perfect and personal love. Though wrecked by sin, our world today is a beautiful expression of God’s kindness. As we daily enjoy the wonders of God’s creation, this book assures us that we can live confidently knowing that from the beginning – God created us, God loved us, and God saved us.

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Little is Enough                            June 3, 2018                       Pastor Scott Spaulding
Let There be Light                        June 10, 2018                     Pastor Scott Spaulding

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